Designing and Making Mockups


(image by Lawrence Holmes)

Next, we got to work finalizing our idea for the project, ready to give a presentation on it. We decided the app would be based around an explorer theme to referance the zoo’s 178 year heritage and provide a more exciting image for children . It would have 4 different areas.


(Ted by Matthew Lean, map mockup by me)

The Adventure part of the app would be where the visitor is given a digital journal to fill in about the animals of the zoo by our mascot Ted the Toucan. The idea would be that Ted would ring you periodically and give you missions based on your current location to “help” the animals in the zoo. You would solve the missions by scanning installations near the enclosure with your phone.

To give an example; Ted rings the visitor, he says “The meerkat has lost his monocle squak! You need to find it for him, it should be in his burrow!”

The visitor would then be led to the meerkat enclosure. By it there would be a burrow-like installation where children (or adults!) could crawl in. Inside there would be a monocle sculpture that the visitor would scan using the app.


(image by Matthew Lean, text by Emily Glazzard)

Doing this would update the Explorer’s Journal with information on the animal you just helped. For instance using the meerkat example above, the information would be something like “meerkats sleep in burrows at night to keep warm from the cold temperatures on the surface.” The idea is the information would be short, sweet and very easy for kids to digest.

At the end of the adventure mission, visitors would be led to the shop. Filling in the journal would allow them to pick up an Animal Card to take home with them. Using the Augumented Reality function in the app, the card would display a 3D animation of the animal doing lifelike actions, such as resting, playing, hunting etc.


Lastly, we the app had a section called Zoopedia, which was designed with the more adult audience in mind, where people could go to find a wide variety of information on the animals, but also on the zoo itself and the history of it.



(images by Matthew Lean, text by Emily Glazzard)

Lawrence Holmes, Matthew Lean and I designed and put together several images as a visual aid for the presentation whilst Emily Glazzard researched and came up with the text.


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