Fire Kills Project!

The next project we were given was a brief from a gonvernmental fire safety campaign. The aim of the brief was to put across a set of fire safety tips into a digital format to make them more appealing and memorable to the audience.

We brainstormed some ideas and the idea that stood out to us the most was the idea of a game that could be played with other people in your house, so you could work together to make the house safer.


Image by Luke Monet


Image by Suzanne Niccholls

We came up with a facebook and mobile app game called “Fire Dash” which could be played single player or with friends online. We were aiming this game towards teenagers and young adults, ideally people who are sharing a house with friends and would be happy spending an evening playing a game with them.


Image by Luke Monet

Based loosely off the Sims, players would create their own character, which would ideallly be a representation of themselves.


They could then either choose to play challenge mode or a custom map. The custom map part of the game would let you build your own house and afterwards, control your character within it.


However after a period of time, fires would start randomly in the house and you and you friends would have to escape. What escape routes are available would depend on the actions taken before the fire starts. For example, picking up keys would allow you to unlock doors.


In the challenge mode, the player would be given harder and harder houses to escape from in a period of time as a chance to get better at the game.


We also came up with the idea of a fireman character giving advice to the players on fire safety, helping them learn more and also get better at the game.

Batteries Fireman

We felt that the game would be a good way to learn about fire safety as it is very interactive and lets the player see a simulation of what would happen in a real fire in their own home. We intended to use over the top, cartoonish deaths (think Looney Tunes) as a source of black humour in the game to make the subject matter far less dry and more entertaining, but also to get people to realise that this could be them in a real situation.

Overall I feel that this project went really well, however being a group of 3, I missed having a 4th perspective and input into the group. It was also more challenging to complete work given the short timeframe. However although the visuals are still a bit rough I am quite happy with the result.


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