Yuletide Project

The next brief I was given was a brief to design a concept website for a company that collated information on various shops and events for the Christmas period to create a one point place for consumers to look for Christmas products. We had to come up with a brand name, a logo, a home page and mockups of how the website would work.

We started off by brainstorming things to do with Christmas, however we felt that a lot of the themes were overdone and becoming a bit cliche. Therefore we decided to use quite a minimalist design. We also thought of using themes of light writing and neon to give more of an urban and modern look. We wanted the site to emphasize the local aspects of the product, and ideally be based around the metropolitan area you were in.


This was one of the first mockups I did. The idea was that the top part would represent a sky, and it would also be where the logo was. The lower part has a snowy texture and would be where all the content was.The city skyline represents iconic buildings in Bournemouth. However, I do not feel this design is very effective at all. The lights in the sky are very confusing visually and overall the look is unprofessional and messy. During the design process I had little feedback from my peers and I feel this shows in the design.

littleflake draft littleflake draft2

images by Oliver James

Here is another preliminary mockup done by Oliver. Again he had little feedback from the rest of the group. The name we chose for the brand was Littleflake. We chose this name because it emphasized the local aspects of the brand (little) and was christmasssy without being too overt about it (flake).

Here is the final logo and screens we used, I designed these with a lot more feedback from the group and it clearly shows.


I feel that is quite effective. It is clean, would work well in a print format and gets across the feeling of ‘winter.’


This is the final splashscreen we used to show our product. The pictures on the bottom of the page are different catagories (ie dining, events, hotels) and the pictures change periodically to give equal ad space to both local and big name brands. We decided to use a format that would work well on mobile devices too as we feel this would enhance the usability of the product and also hopefully encourage people to use it whilst allready shopping so they coul find out about ongoing events and sales.

Once in the actual site the visual aesthetic would remain very similar, with pictures dominating the screenspace and little text. We did not have time to produce mock ups of this as our group was beset by illness for most of the project.

This project has shown me the importance of feedback from both the client and also from collegues in a group setting, as design is several times harder without it. Idea generation is also much impaired as it is hard to fully understand what the produst is meant to be. Overall I feel that this is the weakest of the two week  projects I have participated in, although I will definately use the lessons I have learned from it in the future.


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