Inspiration: Other Websites

Looking at other websites in also a great source of inspiration. Here are a few that caught my eye and that I would like to take inspiration from.


This portfolio website is quite basic and simple yet what drew me was the border design, which mixes visual complexity with very simple coding. However one of the downsides of this site is that the design is not continued in  the main body of the website or through the text, which I feel really lets it down.


I work as a bartender, and part of my job is learning about our products. I find a lot of sites for alcohol are quite interesting from a design point of view. In this site for Patron tequilas, the product image and text change depending on what you click on the left hand side. This is quite a logical and innovative way of organising visual information away from the “image at the top, text at the bottom” default. It manages to place the product in the centre of the visual space without detracting from the text.


Davna Cherry Vodka also has a site that I found interesting. A sense of fun is created through animation and type, playing on stereotypes and heritage. Hovering over different parts of the page triggers different animations. However I find the music on this site very intrusive and seems to date the site somewhat.



Although most of this portfolio website is quite standard and basic, what makes it stand out is the design of the lightbox. Whilst on the page, the cursor is changed to a cat (a major theme in this illustrator’s work.) Hovering over an image enlarges it by piecing it together using a tile effect, almost like a jigsaw. Although this can be a bit heavy processing wise, making the webiste slow ,I find it a more ‘fun’ approach to lightbox design.


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