Web Portfolio: Inspiration: Moodboard

The final project of my first term is to build a personal website portfolio. To begin I looked at some graphic design and aesthetic styles that inspired me. Here is a mood board of images found online from which I have taken visual inspiration.


Clothing design and dressmaking has always attracted me. I chose to look at lace to represent this. I also like the delicacy and femininity of the patterns in lace, I would like to utilize this in perhaps a border or divider design.

papercraft1 shadow shadowPuppet2 shadowart

Another area I am really interested in in shadow art and paper craft. I feel this would work well as a way to layer visual information, creating a 3D space within the page. Also I could use shadow as a way to create detail and interest to the page. It would also be good to use a lot of textures, especially paper textures, to create the complexity in the page.


This is an example of how I am visualising the layers to work, using different densities of form to create depth. Perhaps I could even make a Javascript animation to showcase this on the page.

The following images are from one of my favourite animated TV shows: Revolutionary Girl Utena.  In the promotional art and the graphic design for the show, areas of solid black and areas of textured colour are used to create dividers and borders between visual information and emphasise different areas of a form. This and the influence of art deco style I find are quite striking, if a little outdated.

utena4 utena utena3

I would like to use these techniques in the creation of my icons and borders, bold black outlines mixed with areas of textured colours.


I would also like to use quite a stylised look in the icons and for this i looked at the artwork from two games Okami and Alice: Madness Returns. Inspiration from the ink medium features heavily in these games, although in different ways, Alice takes more from the western style of crosshatching whilst Okami takes more from the eastern style of ink brush painting.

Looking at these images has given me a mental database from which to start designing. I find it really helpful as a starting point from which to start making my own ideas.


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