Portfolio Website: Starting Sketches

After researching inspiration from other sources for the visual theme of my website and how it would work, I decided to start roughly sketching some layouts out on Photoshop. Most of these pictures are very rough and quick outlines of how I envisioned things would look.


My initial thoughts on a layout were something like this. The black areas are borders and the white space inbetween would be where content could go. The content would be pictures used to represent different parts of my portfolio, for example photography, university projects and programming projects. There would be a header with a title and tabs for other content, such as an about page and an email form at the top. The footer would contain links to my blog and twitter. I also planned this design to be extendable as so.


The design would be extended by adding more boxes within the borders, to code this in the website the side bars and top bars would be different content to the main portion.



However this seemed to be quite complicated for quite a simple problem. Also this design had quite a few glaring errors. What if I had an odd number of catagories for content? How would this design look on a non landscape format such as a mobile phone?

I decided that getting some assets to use first, such as background and border designs, might help me finalize how I would want my website to look. Then I could arrange content.


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