Web Portfolio: Making Assets

Next, I decided to play around with background textures and and border designs to help me try and figure out the overall look of the website, then I could finalize how the content would look.

As my inspiration came from shadow puppetry and paper craft I decided to look at using paper textures for a background. Here is a free one I found online, but I would prefer to make my own if I have time. I decided to go with rice paper as the texture is a bit more complicated than just cartidge paper.


The next thing to decide was what to use for my borders. I wanted to draw a lace like design but it was taking up a lot of time the results weren’t very effective. Instead I decided to cheat and edit some photographs I took of the detail of some lace lining a pocket of one of my jackets.


By cutting and pasting and playing with the contrast and colours I was able to make a border design like so.


This looks a lot better than the outcomes I gained when hand drawing the lace. I also played around with shading some of the border to make it more dynamic.


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