Web Design: Trouble With Sliders

I am having some problems using JQuery plug ins and sliders. After trying several times I think I can safely say that they are not for this site. Most of them are very hard to edit the CSS for so they can look quite generic and boring, which is definitely not what I want my site to look like. It is also very hard to make them as responsive as I would like them.

After a few attempts at trying to make my own, which didn’t go well I’m going to make some very simple Javascript functions so that when one area is hovered over another one appears. I think I can do this quite easily and it means my site can fit in one browser windo rather than people having to scroll through pages and pages of thumbnails.

On the other hand my site looks good in several different browser sizes so far. However if i use a hovering function this would not work on tablets or phones so I would need to write another function for these platforms.


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