Developing Arguments: Independent Study Week 1

As a forth “media independent technique” as Manovich discussed in Software Takes Command, I propose the technique of saving and retrieving. Many applications have some sort of function in order to “save” media at that point in time, whether it be in an internet browser (Save Page As in Firefox), text editor (Save in Word) or animation program (Save in Maya Autodesk). It should be included because it has become so ubitiqous (in fact it is hard to think of a program that does not have some way of saving media) and fundamental to the changing practises of media makers and audience alike. Being able to store media and come back to it at a later point in time is fundamental to the way technology is used today.

For example, a painter working digitally would save several versions of the painting from starting point to the finish. A crafts person researching project ideas on Pinterest would save posts that they find appealing before making them at a later date. A novelist would research material, say for example online information on the workings of poison if they were writing a murder mystery, and their own work through a text editor during the process of writing a novel. Saving has become a principle of digital interaction, whether it be content or metadata around the content (such as an URL or album information).


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