Channel Project: Beginning

For this semester we were given a large collaborative project to do over the period of a few weeks. The project includes making a series of webisodes, designing a channel and building a site for the channel, that could be viewed on a mobile device as well as a desktop. The theme of the channel should incorporate “des-fi”, an imagining of the design industry in the future.

As this is a big project we decided to split the various tasks and assign roles to each person in the project. I was given the role of Project Manager which means I will be responsible for division of labor and arranging and recording meetings. I am also in charge of sound in the project.

The rest of the roles are as follows:

Directing and Editing





divded between the rest of the group.

We came up with the idea of an informative channel, highlighting the dangers of unintended teleportation. The webisodes are to have a humours slant with gags being the main content of the episodes.

The set up would be a parody of 1950s infomercial or public service announcement, with retro-futurism being a theme in costume choices and the script. The infomercials would follow aroundthe main character as he unintentionally glitches to various locations. Here’s an example of the type of show that we are trying to parody.

I have some reservations about the idea as comedy is a very hard subject to master. Generally the timing of the acting and the scriptwork have to go through several periods of testing and refinement, even for seasoned comics, before being screened. Humour can also be very subjective and is very dependent on the individual and the culutre they are from.

Visually, the design would take inspiration from past visions of the future.


Somone suggested costumes from the Hunger Games. I’ve not seen the film but the costumes seem to be adding block colours to patterns inspired by the 1950s.


This reminded me of the 1960s cartoon the Jetsons. The emphasis on both these costume styles is on elaborate hairstyles and emphasized collars and trims, which might be quite hard to replicate on such a short timescale.

As the group were keen on filming next Monday, we needed to get a concrete idea finished quite quickly and ideally a script and storyboard finished by the end of the week. I posted notes of the meeting that I had taken on a Facebook group for the members of our project.

Channel Project, meeting notes 1


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