Channel Project: Logo Design

Today we were given a one day project to design a logo for our company. As we were still unsure of the finer points of the idea we decided to finalize these first. A suggested name for the channel was Glitch however this did not make much sense as a channel name so Glitch Watch was suggested instead. This also referances the watch the main character would wear which causes him to randomly teleport.

As the theme of the project referances 1950s broadcasting I decided to look at logos from this era to take inspiration.

atv logo

Eyes are a common theme in broadcasting logos from the past. However viewing this as part of a modern audience, I find them quite sinister. To me they are reminiscent of the logos for various logos for the Big Brother franchises across the world, I think that the motif of eyes has lost its credibility in recent years.


The almost chaotic mix of typefaces here is very typical of pre 1970s graphic design. Although visually quite messy, the sense of nostalgia from using type in this way is quite strong as it is very uncommon to find it now.


This BBC logo is one of the ones I found most effective. The use of the broadcasting tower as an emblem is quite iconic. I chose to try and incorporate this into a design.

tower1 tower11

After some playing around here’s what I initially came up with. The logo on the right is slightly fatter and shorter whilst the second one is leaner.


As part of the name of the group is Glitch a suggestion was that a pixellated design would be effective. I tried using squares to cut out parts of the design but it didn’t work too well.


Instead I added an effect to the radio waves from the tower, however when I extended this to the rest of the tower is didn’t work as well.


A suggestion was to add wire lines to the tower, however I was unsure how to do this effectively.


Additionally I tried adding a blur to the tower, however this gave it too much motion and could be quite distracting for the viewer.

I tried incorporating the some design into text to create a logo, however time was running out and I could not experiment as well as I would have liked to.





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