Channel Project: Change of Idea

We had been having some problems with group cohesion and our working practises probably influenced this alot. At the moment the way we were working was very unstructed. This would be fine if we had a circular development cycle (see below for an example, the whirlpool method).


However the way we were working was also very linear and to a strict deadline. Consequently the pre production process was being cut very short, leading to a weakness in the strength of the idea and refinement of things like the script and production planning.

Some group members shared my concerns and also raised the point that the idea was very complex. It would have involved a lot of intensive acting and scriptwork as it was a comedy. Filming in lots of locations (as teleporting would take the protagonist to a variety of places) was also a key part of the idea which would have been very difficult given the short timeframe.

After much deliberation we decided to change the idea.

Now the idea is that we are a company that owns a planet, Alpha Centauri. The Earth is becoming disused as a habitable planet and so we are relasing a series of adverts to encourage people to move here instead.

Again I kept copies of notes from the meeting to update everybody on the idea change and keep a record of what was said.

Meeting Notes 2

I also decided to produce a gantt sheet so that this time the production process would be more structured.

Channel Project Gantt Sheet

I also produced a more detailed timetable for next week as ideally I would like some sound recording (mainly the voiceovers) to be done.

mon 20th Timetable

I am much more hopeful for this idea as it fits the brief far better as we have a clear company to brand and design for. It also gives more scope in terms of ideas.

One theme that was interesting in the last idea which could be applied to the new idea was the theme of kitsch and how it could be used to formulate a futuristic world. As described by Walter Benjamin (1925) in his discussion of kitsch and surrealism, current work can find meaning though looking back to ideas and objects from the past, even those that seem quite minor or of quite “lowbrow” sentiment. This is shown in his deconstruction architecture (which would have clear linkages to set design) the objects that inhabit the building (such as a set of hairdressing chairs in a barber’s) are of the same importance to as the structual qualities (such as the entranceway to that barbers).

An obvious way to show this in our work would be through use of costume, makeup and set design. Audio would also be an area where the future could be imagined through our past lens of the future. Certain objects (such as  a ray gun or the sound of synth machines) have for many years become a cultural shorthand for the future and I feel using these would help thematically develop our film a great deal.

Benjamin, A., & Rice, C., 2009. Walter Benjamin and the Architecture of Modernity. Melbourne:


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