Channel Project: Script

As we were having problems writing a script and finalize it ready for recording voiceovers and filming, I decided to get some books out from the library to help our group understand the problem better.

One of these was Scriptwriting for Dummies by Laura Schellhardt. As we are all mostly novices to writing for film this book has a lot of helpful information on a broad range of topics to do with scriptwriting.It was particularly helpful in providing a style guide for formatting scripts as well as the information that should be contained in the stage directions.

Although by now quite dated, Basic Film Technique by Ken Daley provides a wider insight into the whole film production process and was useful in helping to plan how filming of the script would work on location, and how to set up shots regerding lighting and composition.

Setting Up Your Shots by Jeremy Vineyard goes into more detail on this with multiple examples of storyboarding which were very useful in explaining for different moods and effects are translated using film as a medium.

After reading these books, I theorize that the main problems we are having is that the narration feels quite stilted at points. We are also finding it hard to convey all the ideas and themes we brainstormed into the film. We are also having problems with matching the script with footage that would be feasible to film. For example one of our ‘adverts’ is mainly to do with space travel and colonizing a new planet, however this would be hard to convey non metaphorically without the use of special effects or animation.

Schellhardt, L., 2008, Screenwriting For Dummies. New York : Wiley

Daley, K 1980, Basic Film Technique. London : Focal

Vineyard, J 2008, Setting Up Your Shots : Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know. Studio City, Calif: Michael Wiese


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