Developing Arguments: Guided Independent Study Week 3

What do you think Bourriard means by the term ‘postproduction?’

I think Bourriard envisions post production as being the proceess in which an artist finds material from works already in the cultural market and appropriate them for their own use. It the artist remixing and re-exhibiting works made by others.

How, if at all, does David Carson fit into Bourriauds idea of a ‘Semionaut’?

A semionaut is someone who mixes media together to create a new whole. He creates a “path”  throught the work of others. by imaging the links through sperate pieces of work. David Carson fits this idea through his work as he often uses found type and images, such as those from magazine letterheads.

Find an example of a film, a game or other media artefact that you would consider ‘Postproduction’ and describe how it fits that definition.

In some cases the game Minecraft could be considered post production. In Minecraft you start out in a ‘blank’ world. Users then build things, such as buildings or statues, which they then post online. Players may then download those worlds and build on top of them, post producing the artifact. This is exemplified in multiplayer and modded versions of the game, where building over another’s creation can be done much faster.


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