Channel Project: Filming Plans



At the start of this new idea we discussed filming in locations such as Brownsea Island and the New Forest. However these initial filming plans were proving quite ambitous. Representatives from Brownsea Island have yet to get back to me and although taking a train to the New Forest would be feasible, none of us are familiar with the area and would know good places to shoot footage. We are also experiencing some issues with availability within the group which is making scheduling fairly difficult. However I have been able to come up with a filming timetable based on the locations that were scouted earlier in the project.


One thing that might impede our filming is the weather. As most of our shots are based around exterior locations bad weather could make it very difficult to get some useable shots, especially for the sunny Earth scenes. Hopefully as the weather has been good throughout location scouting it will remain so during filming.

As an inspiration for a film we decided to look at travel videos from other real-life companies.

This Discover Ireland add has a great way of showing you the landscape. Of course we couldn’t fly helicoters to get those panoramic shots but we could easily do panning shots of the cliffside.

Emulating the feel of this video of an abandoned themepark would be a good place to start for the Earth scenes. The shots in this video are mainly still shots and pans, but the music really adds to the effect as well as the lighting conditions.

This ad also emphasizes the use of music to build tension and create a mood within a film. Obviously we wouldn’t be able to use similar footage of aircraft to their advert, however we could use found footage to similar effect.

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