Channel Project: Editing

As discussed, before we even began we knew the editing of this project would be a large undertaking.

Firstly there were pieces of found footage we wanted to use. I found this clip of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing which would be useful  to use instead of having footage of generic rockets and space missions as it would create a sense of history within our piece. Again this goes back to the idea of kitsch as a theme for the film.

This animation was also used to show people what Alpha Centauri is. We did speed up the footage several times and change the timing of it, however I feel that it is still quite derivative using it within our work.

We also needed some graphics as title screens as well as to be used within the film itself.

These are the title screens and ending screen. The logo and colour scheme was by Bob Moir.

This is a graphic to show Mr Alpha Centauri, the president of the planet. In actuality this is photographs of NASA astronaut Lee Archambault photoshopped into articles and magazine covers.

In the end, we did not have enough footage to fully flesh out our film, and the weather was so bad we couldn’t film any more in the time period. However we did have photographs taken from location scouting we could pan over to create a moving image. Here’s an example that wasn’t used in the final film.

The main problem with this technique is that the resolution of the photographs is very low compared to the footage and it is quite evident in the film. Also the lack of movement can be quite disconcerting when juxtaposed with mainly moving shots.

We use slow motion quite extensively during the film as it gives the temporal qualites of the adverts a calm and soothing effect. Cross-fades and fades to black are also used widely, enabling viewers to have a “pause” between cuts which would be otherwise too harsh.

We managed to get footage of Alpha Centauri’s “two suns” by reversing and layering footage of a pan of the sea and the sun taken from the clifftop. Although the movement does distract the viewer somewhat the ‘join’ between the two images is still noticeable however I don’t think there would be a way to rectify this without the use of computer graphics.

Muon Ray., 2012. Earth Sized Planet Alpha Centauri Bb. Available from: [ Acessed 2.2.14]

Sookietex., 2001. Apollo 11 Moon Landing: National Archives. Available from: [ Acessed 2.2.14]




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