Channel Project: Evaluation

Here are the final videos for the project:

This advert introduces the planet and shows off some of it’s features.

This advert reminds viewers of the destruction of Earth and the need to move from the planet.

This advert has “Centaurions” talking about their experiences on the planet.

This ad talks more about the history of Alpha Centauri.

Considering the timescale, our resources and the various problems we had during production I think the ads work fairly well. The cinematography and flow of the adverts are quite effective. However, there are some clear issues with the production value of the videos and at parts there is a clear lack of consistency of video quality between shots. The adverts are also not very substantial, they repeat a lot of the same themes and do not really go into the depth of the idea behind them. I think the way to avoid this in future would be spending more time in the pre production stage to ensure key themes are shown clearly in the finished work and to also improve the quality issues in the final product.

One of the main challenges during the project was the lack of group cohesiveness. Some members of the group were frequently absent which made planning for and actual production extremely difficullt. Consequently the workload became divided unevenly between members of the group. Some members seemed very unenthusiastic, with negativity towards idea generation and experimentation common which frequently impeded good working practise as well as some members often becoming distracted.This took a toll on the other members of the group who worked well and can be shown in the final product. Personally I found this project very stressful and am somewhat dissappointed by the lack of camaraderie.

From this project I have learned about the importance of pre production work before starting the making portion of a project as clear planning makes the rest of the production process far easier. I also learned that group enthusiasm is integral to the success of a project and that I need more effective ways of encouraging this. The skills I have learned during filming, editing and audio production will be certainly used in future projects.


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