Animation Project: Spinner Scope Hand Drawn Animation



To begin the spinner scope animation project I first drew some initial designs in my notebook. I decided to draw a dog wearing headphones and bobbing his head to the music as it was quite a fun idea I had and I wanted to keep this project quite lighthearted. Through drawing in my notebook I figured out the movement through the frames and how the dog’s head and neck will tilt and move as it cocks it’s head side to side. Drawing also let me explore the facial features of the dog. I decided to base the design on a Shiba Inu as this breed can have quite expressive facial features yet are quite simple structurally.


Whilst drawing the strip I decided to add more expression to the character by adding floppy ears and a wagging tongue. With the winking eyes, it helps give the dog a “cheeky” persona and adds a bit of an edge to the character. I found it hard drawing frames that line up without being able to see the frame underneath (this is usually achieved when animating by using pegs and a light box for drawn animation or “onion skinning” in digital animation.

After sketching the frames I decided to colour them using watercolour pencils as they do not give overly saturated colours which are quite naturalistic. I then decided to ink over the drawings to give a greater definition to the lines. I also inked over the headphones in order to make them stand out more in the drawing and give contrast to the organic form of the dog.


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