Animation Project: 35mm Animation Experiment Initial Thoughts

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 13.59.58


colour test

Our next assignment for this project was to produce a 15 second animation. We were to make our own music for this project and then produce visuals using a 22mm by 16mm space because although the animations would be made using Flash, the format would be mimicking 35mm film.

Above are some of my first experiments. I was experimenting with colour and form. I wanted to mimic organic forms, so pulled apart the preset shapes using the pen tool. The colours are me experimenting with different contrasts. Initially I played with blue and pink, however I now feel that they were too bold and the use of varying shades of orange on charcoal grey were more effective.

For inspiration I looked at Norman McLaren’s Boogie Doodle, and I played with the colour scheme he used, mainly complementary colours orange and blue. The effectiveness of this animation comes from the timing, the music is tied to the rhythm of the music. Movement of the “camera” is created by animating lines that move into and out of the sides of the frame. This works particularly well as the movement is tied to the bars of the music. Also during the chord progressions the foreground and background colours switch position, giving a clear visual cue that ties into the different mood of the music.

McLaren, N., 1948. Boogie Doodle [video, online]. Available from: [retrieved 21.2.14]


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