Animation Project: Spinner Scope Review


This is a gif of the animation on the spinner scope strip. Although ideally it should be viewed on the device itself, taking pictures of the frames and merging them together in a gif allows the drawings to be seen clearly in a digital format.

I am quite pleased with the result of the experiment as I think the dog clearly shows a “cheeky” expression which was one of my main aims in this experimentation. I find the movement of the tongue and eyes particularly effective as they are quite fluid and clearly express the movement to be shown.

If I did this again I would probably synchronise the movement of the ears as the asynchronous movement looks quite unnatural. I would also add more squash and stretch to the neck of the dog to emphasise the head bobbing movement as it is not that clear in the animation. The muzzle of the dog could also have been more pronounced in order to give it a more realistic look and make it easier to see what animal it is. In future experiments form this animation I would like to experiment with walk cycles to further my understanding of animal movement and character design.


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