Animation Project: 35mm Experimentation

After studying McLaren’s work I began to do some animations for my project. I wrote a 15 second piece for the animation. I didn’t want it to be too complicated, so it is mainly running arpeggios on the piano mixed with some dissonant chords at the end. I chose to use a piano to refer to Boogie Doodle. I also added a cymbal for dramatic effect at the end as otherwise the chords sound quite “bare”.

This is my first experiment animating a “35mm” film. I tried to animate the movement in time with the music, however using Flash it is hard to be precise and I can still see some errors. As I was working with a tablet, animating “scribbles” was very quick to do and allowed me to play with movement, however looking back I should have used some more shapes of flat colours.

I would like to continue experimenting, using the same piece of music to see what other animations I can come up with. I will probably try more colour variations as well as playing with form with a bit more.


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