Animation Project: Reading on Drawing

To help further my animation work, I decided to look at some books on art theory and drawing techniques to help further my craft.

One book that was particularly helpful to me was Seegmiller’s Digital Character Design and Painting. It illustrates the process of creating digital characters using a foundation drawn from traditional art techniques. It has been very helpful in explaining in detail complex concepts such as colour theory, lighting and value in an image which previously had not been explained properly to me.

Another book I found useful was The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgreen, which furthered my knowledge of animal anatomy and ways to express movement in animals through drawings. I found the notes on building the form of animals and the lines and arcs made through their movements particularly useful and will be helpful in my further animation work. The caricature references were also very useful in formalising designs for my character and finding ways to express emotion and personality through this.

Seegmiller, D., 2003. Digital Character Design and Painting. Massachusetts: Charles River Media, Inc.

Hultgreen. K., 1993. The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature. London: Pittman


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