Animation Project: Alphabet Photography


Working together with Luke Monet we managed to find forms that represented the whole alphabet. This project was quite challenging as some letter forms were hard to find naturally, such as the letter G. I think this is because of the mix of curved and straight lines in some letters, and the particular way they are arranged, which makes it unlikely that manmade (which are usually purely geometric) or organic (which are usually more curved) structures will form them naturally. Some of the most effective photographs were ones that had delicacy in the lines, such as those made by lamp posts and telephone wires and those made by organic forms such as trees.

Some photographs also didn’t tun out quite as well as I had liked, one of my main problems was that I was unfamiliar with the camera (I had rented a DSLR from the university as I do not own one myself). Although I found focusing far easier than with my point and click, I was unable to adjust the white balance and aperture properly which did not give me as much control as I would have liked.


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