Animation Project: More Hand Drawn Animation



I decided to further my hand drawn animation work by making a walk cycle animation of the dog wearing headphones. I experimented with changing the character style in order to make the character more dog like. I also made it more cartoony in order to emphasise the movement of the limbs and the squash and stretch of the body. I chose not to use colour for these animations as I wanted to concentrate on the movement of the limbs of the character and colour would distract from the qualities of the form. I used larger paper as one of the main challenges of the spinner scope project was the small surface area to draw on which made me more inaccurate with my line and colouring.

For inspiration I looked at this guide to help me figure out the order of the movement of the legs and the rhythm of the bounce of the shoulders. Although the video is on horse locomotion, the principles still stand for dogs. Studying the motion of this video helped me greatly in drawing the guide lines for my frames.

DarkmanetheWerewolf. 2011. 4-Legged walk cycle guide , Available from: [Accessed 1.3.2014]


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