Animation Project: Flip book Animation Walk Cycle

10 4

After sketching and inking the frames I took photographs and put them together into a gif to make a 12 frame animation.


Here’s the final product, I am quite happy with the movement of the head and the legs which was one of the main areas I was focusing on. I find the movement of the ears and tail also very effective as they add a lot of character to the animation. However if I were to do this again I would definitely use a light box and peg, or even a flip book as some of the drawings are not aligned properly, especially one particular frame, causing the animation to “jump”. This is very distracting to view and annoying as only one or two frames are causing the problem.

To develop this work further I would like to explore telling a short narrative through animation. An interesting area would be mixing the photography assignment with drawn animation to create animated sentences. A story could be told through these as well as through the action on screen.


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