Animation Project: Kinetic Typography Initial Ideas

The fourth assignment for this project was to create “kinetic typography” from a voice clip. To start with I looked at some examples I found online to gain more of a sense of the direction I would like to take. This assignment is going to be quite challenging for me as personally I don’t find kinetic typography that effective. One of it’s main problems for me, as illustrated in the above example, is that most kinetic typography relies on a lot of dramatic camera movements over the text. I find this extremely distracting to the actual content of the piece and over the course of the video I find myself becoming disorientated due to the continous movement. Parts of the narration that are naturally fast, though quite easy to keep up with the voice alone, become hard to decipher when you begin to read rapidly appearing and disappearing text.

Another thing I will have to consider when creating my own kinetic typography is the typeface used. In the above example the typeface used hinders the legibility of the piece. I also find that being too literal with the imagery removes a lot of sublety present in the original audio so perhaps a more metaphorical approach would be better to take.

Rogers, M., 2010. Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language . Available from: [Accessed 08.03.2014]

Saavedra, D., 2008. Mad World by Gary Jules – Kinetic Typography Available from: [Accessed 08.03.2014]


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