3 Sided Cube Android Course: Week 1

The app development company 3 Sided Cube is offering  a free Android app development course at University. I was lucky enough to get into the course and I am really excited to get started, although a little apprehensive as I don’t have much development experience.

The first lesson mainly focused on the documentation specific to Android development. Using a native language such as cpp or Java is far more advantageous than using web based technologies such as html 5 as they are far slower and aren’t optimised for the device. We are using Android Studio and programming in Java. Andriod apps are made up of contexts, mainly activities, fragments and layouts.

An activity is a source file that is responsible for interacting with and displaying the UI and UX of an app.

Layouts are made up of views, which is an object that is visible on screen and has a specific pupose, ie a button or a text view.

Layouts are a specific way to lay out views, such as scroll layout or linear.

The first app we made simply had an activity that displayed the text view “Hello World”.




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