Animation Project: Kinetic Typography Review

I began working on kinetic typography using After Effects to create the video.The audio clip we were given was part of the trailer for the film Gravity.

The first thing I considered was the font  to be used. I decided to use only two fonts, not only to create consitency throughout the video, but also to differenttiate between the two voices. Below is a test I did with type. Although the first typeface was quite effective as being bold it emphasizes the urgency of the voice, the second typeface I used was far less legible and I changed it in the final version. I initially chose it as it looked “computery” as it was based off early computer fonts (the voice it matches is the mission control contacting the astronaut) I also tested the timing during this test, and I turned off the sound to fully check if the speed the text appeared allowed it to be legible.

Here’s the final result. I found the voice clip very hard to work with as there was not much dialogue and what was said was very repetitive short sentences. The background audio also muffled some of the sound, especially of the mission controller and I tried to replicate this by blurring his text. I made this increase at the piece went on the symbolise the astronaut feeling more and more scared and lost. I decided not to use much camera movement as I personally dislike this effect, though in hindsight some camera motion might have added more value to my work.

I found the end of the piece particularly troublesome as there was not enough clearly dialogue to animate which left the last line “hanging” on the screen too long. As an attempt to rectify this I added an effect to make it zoom into the camera, however this looks somewhat cheesy and lasts for far too long. Perhaps a fade to white or black would have been more effective but again it the effect is quite over used and is by now quite cliche. If given more time I would like to look into animating simulated jitter and wobble to add something tintereting to the last line of text as it is on the screen for so long.

The end results were quite simple as I have not worked with After Effects before and the process was very time consuming. If  I were to do the project again, knowing what I know now I would probably add some more effects to the text, such as to simulate screen static and some more complex movement to the text. I would also pick a different audio clip to work with. I would probably pick some audio from a speech, audiobook or monolgue as it would be far easier to animate a longer piece of prose and visualising metaphors and turns of phrase would be quite interesting to work with.


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