Animation Project: Scribble Videos Testing

Following on from my “Bete Noir” project I decided instead to draw out me drawing a scribble, however this again did not work out very well. Next time I do a project like this I should definitely work with someone else to help set up the cameras whilst I do the action or vice versa as the camera work was extremely difficult filming it one handed with my phone. Again the use of more equipment, such as tripods, would make this easier too.

Another thing I filmed was a video in preparation for the camera tracking experimentation I want to carry out. Hopefully I will be able to model a 3d “scribble ball” and make it look like I was cupping it in my hand. Learning how to track movement on the camera is essential to make this work as otherwise the illusion of the ball sitting on my hand will not work.

This video could also be used for animating on top of. Ideally I would like to animate my scribble foxn character over this and running up my arm. Hopefully it will work well as a short test but I may have to extract the frames as images and slow them all down in the final film as at the moment it is too short for any real animation to be done.


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