Animation Project Evaluation

Looking back over this experimental project I’ve learned a lot of new skills which I am sure I will continue to broaden and utilize in the future. Although challenging at times, I’ve found it very enjoyable and a great way to explore new ideas and themes within my work.

I particularly liked working with Luke Monet as he is very easy to work with and comes up with some very innovative ideas which were very interesting to work on. It also enabled me to challenge my coding skills by doing something I had never done before.

I also liked animating by hand and doing walk cycle test sketches as it was a great way to enhance my animation skills in general and further understand the motion of animals and characters. Learning about Blender and motion capture was also very useful and greatly broadens my knowledge base within animation.

I am slightly disappointed that I run out of time on this project to explore and acheive all of the plans I had, however through this I now have projects that I will work on in the future, such as my neon logo sign, in order to enhance my portfolio.


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